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Fee Schedule

Rates effective November 15, 2010
All fees are subject to change


Product Description Frequency Fee
Traditional Membership   One Time $10.00
Youth Membership Smart Start & UTMA Accts One Time $5.00
Indirect Membership   One Time $25.00

Checking Account Fees

Product Description Frequency Fee
Access Checking For members 16-22 years of age Monthly No
Metro Basic Checking With electronic deposit or $1,500 Average Daily Balance Monthly No
  Without minimum requirements Monthly $5.00
Metro Dividend Checking With $2,500 Average Daily Balance Monthly No
  Without minimum requirements Monthly $10.00
Metro Rewards Checking With $10,000 Average Daily Balance Monthly No
  Without minimum requirements Monthly $15.00
Rebuilder Checking   Monthly $12.00

General Fees

Item Description Frequency Fee
Account Reconciliation   Hourly Rate $25.00
Backup Federal Withholding Setup     $25.00
Cashier's Check      $5.00
Cashier's Check  Non-Member   $10.00
Cashier's Check Stop Payment   Per Item $29.00
Check Cashing Non-Member Per Item $5.00
Check Printing   Minimum $16.00
Escheat Notice     $2.00
HELOC File Copy     $50.00
Inactive Savings Account 180 days inactivity Quarterly $15.00
Incoming Collection   Per Item $20.00
IRA Distribution Set Up   One Time $25.00
IRA Transfer      $20.00
Legal Process     $35.00
Notary Service   Per Signature $10.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer From account or MOR (Money On Request) Per Item $5.00
Overdraft/Insufficent (Non-Sufficient Funds)/Uncollected Funds Fee NSF checks, check card transactions, ATM withdrawals, ACH, Bounce Guard Service or other electronic items that are paid or returned Per Item $29.00
Pay By Phone  Check payment from external account for past-due payments only   $5.00
Real Estate File Copy Closed-end   $150.00
Reg D Excessive Withdrawal     $10.00
Research   Hourly Rate $25.00
Return Mail Handling     $5.00
Returned Deposit Item   Per Item $20.00
Returned Loan Payment Check or ACH   $15.00
Rolled Coin Acceptance   Per Roll After 5 Rolls $0.25
Stop Payment  Check, ACH (Automatic Clearing House), BillPay Payment & Electronic Funds Transfer  Per Item $29.00 
Verification of Deposit     $10.00
Check Copy   Per Item $3.00
Document Copy     $3.00
Statement Copy     $5.00
Travelers Checks      
Gift Checks American Express   No
Travelers Checks For One   No
Travelers Checks For Two   No
Wire Transfers      
Outgoing Domestic Collection     $10.00
Outgoing Wire Domestic   $25.00
Outgoing Wire Foreign   $35.00
Wire Trace Domestic or Foreign   $30.00

Homebanking Access & Electronic Bill Payment

Item  Description  Frequency Fee
BillPay Enrollment     No
BillPay Insufficient Funds   Per Item $29.00
BillPay Service   Monthly No
BillPay Stop Payment   Per Item $29.00

Plastic Card Services

Item Description Frequency Fee
ATM Deposit Adjustment     $5.00
ATM Point of Sale Transaction     $0.25
ATM (or Check Card) Replacement     $5.00
ATM Transaction Photo CO-OP ATM   $25.00
ATM Transaction Photo Non CO-OP Cost Plus $5.00
ATM Withdrawal CO-OP ATM   No
ATM Withdrawal Non CO-OP   $2.00
Check Card Transaction Copy     $7.00
Visa Gift Card    Each $3.00


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