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Quicken Sync

Quicken Personal Finance Software Users

You now have the capability to sync account information directly into Quicken.

Sync your METRO accounts directly lets you manage your personal and household finances quickly and easily without manually entering each withdrawal, payment or deposit.


  1. Launch Quicken and from the File menu option on the menu bar, select New, then New Quicken Account. Click 'Next.' 

  2. Leave the account type option on 'Checking', click 'Next.' Select San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union from the list of financial institutions. Click 'Next.' 

  3. Select 'I don't want to download transactions from San Diego Metropolitan CU.' Click 'Next.'

  4. Click Sign Up Now' button.

  5. Select the appropriate button for the Online Banking Agreement page. Enter your Username and Online Banking Password then click  the 'Register' button.

  6. Enter a valid email address and select a 6 to 8 alpha numeric Quicken password. Click 'Submit Enrollment.'

  7. Enrollment complete!

  8. The 6 to 8 digit Quicken password from the previous step will be used for the next sync session. Follow Step 1 through Step 3 again and enter your Member Number and use the Quicken password for both the San Diego Metropolitan CU password & Reenter password fields. Click 'Next.'

  9. Select accounts to be synced.

  10. Wait for the connection to finish.

  11. All finished! Click 'Done' to continue.

*Please Note: For security, a new and separate Quicken password will be required to complete the sync process. Passwords must be 6 to 8 digits in length and can include alpha or numeric characters.

To Initiate a Syns for Mac:

Please call our Phone Center at 619-297-4835 to receive a personalized Quicken Password. Then follow your Quicken software manual on "How to Add an Account". You will need the following information to complete the sync process.

San Diego Metropolitan CU User ID: Username for Online Banking
San Diego Metropolitan CU Password: Please Call METRO
Routing Number: 322281549
Account Number: Member Number Followed By Account Type (Uppercase S, K, L or C) and Account Designation. (See below for example)

Account Number for Quicken Sync SAMPLE METRO Account Designation
60202020S1 Savings #1
60202020K4 Checking #4
60202020C11 Certificate #11
60202020L143 Loan #143

Quicken may have you repeat the process for every account. Please call 619-297-4835 during regular business hours for further assistance.


If you are using a screen reader or auxiliary aid and having problems using this website, please call 888-907-3628.