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Login Help

If you are experiencing difficulties with MetroNet, our online banking platform, please look at the information below. These are the most common issues that may hinder access or is incompatible with the security measures of online banking. If you encounter difficulties, please contact our Phone Center during regular business hours (Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm) at 619-297-4835 or (Toll Free) 888-907-3628.

First-time Users

If you're enrolled for the 24-hr telephone transaction service (MetroLine), please use the same login ID and passcode to access Online Banking. Call the Phone Center at 619-297-4835 during regular business hours for further assistance.

When logging into the online banking platform for the first time, users will go through a one-time authentication process where their username, password and phone numbers will be verified to ensure that they meet the minimum criteria to access their accounts online. All users are required to go through the mandatory authentication process.

When users log in for the first time, they will see the login security landing page. This page describes what will be needed to complete the authentication process (for example, something the user knows - the password, and something they have - a phone) and describes the benefits of using the enhanced authentication. The user will then click the Let's get started button to begin the enhanced authentication process.

Inactive Users

If you have not logged into online banking for more than six (6) months, you will receive a 'Technical Difficulties' error message when attempting to log in. Call the Phone Center at 619-297-4835 or visit a nearest branch location during regular business hours to have your online account access reactivated.

When logging into the online banking platform for the first time after reactivation, users will go through a one-time authentication process where their username, password and phone numbers will be verified to ensure that they meet the minimum criteria to access their accounts online. All users are required to go through the mandatory authentication process.


Username Requirements

  • Must be at least six characters long
  • Must contain one letter
  • Can contain letters, numbers and the following special characters: @$*_-=.!~
  • Cannot contain any whitespace (spaces are not allowed: including before, in the middle of, or after the username)
Usernames do not have a maximum length.

Password Requirements

  • Must be at least eight characters long and no longer than 32 characters
  • Must contain characters from at least two of the following three categories: Letters, Numbers, Any special characters
  • Cannot contain any whitespace (spaces are not allowed: including before, in the middle of, or after the password)
  • Cannot be a substring of the username
Passwords are case sensitive and do not expire. Password Tip: Avoid short common words typically found in dictionaries. Instead, use complex and lengthy phrases with numbers or special characters as substitutes for letters.

One-Time Passcode Feature

After the username and password are verified, whenever users attempt to log in from an unidentified device, they will be presented with a secondary challenge where they will have to complete authentication with their phone or email address to access online banking.

The user will be presented with the phones numbers and email address that were registered for authentication purposes. Users can select the number and the method by which they will receive the one-time passcode.

After selecting the phone number or email address, a six-digit code will be sent by the method the end user chose, and an input box will appear. When the code is received the user enters it into the field provided and clicks the Finish verification button to confirm the code in order to access online banking. If the code is incorrect, an error message is presented to the user; if the user enters in the code incorrectly multiple times, the account will become locked. Please note: The code received is valid for ten minutes after which it expires, and the user will need to request a new code by clicking the Try again link.

If the code is not received or the user needs to choose a different phone or method, the user can click the Try again link. This will remove the text field and allow the user to choose from the methods again. If the user requests the code multiple times, the system will send the same code until the ten minute expiration occurs. If the code was not received via email if the email address method was chosen, please check your SPAM filter settings. If the code was not received via voice message if the phone method was chosen, please exit the login screen because some carriers may not allow simultaneous voice and data over the same device.

One-Time Passcode Device & Text Alert Requirements

Any US-based or Canada-based phone number can be used. If a user chooses to enable a phone for SMS capabilities, standard message and data rates may apply for usage. Please consult your wireless service provider on your wireless plan.

Remembering a Device

If the user is using a trusted computer or device from which they will access online banking frequently, the user can elect to skip the secondary challenge from that device in future attempts. Before the user clicks on Finish verification button, they can select the checkbox below the text field to bypass the phone-based challenge in the future. By choosing this option, the system will tag the user's machine with a device identifier and will record a fingerprint of the user's system for security purposes. If you encounter the secondary challenge from a known device, please turn OFF the Private Browsing Mode (most browsers) or InPrivate Browsing (Internet Explorer) in the browsers' settings.

What to do if you forgot your password

To prevent unauthorized access to an account, online banking will lock an account if there are five consecutive failures to validate the password for an account before a successful authentication. While the account is locked, any attempt to authenticate is rejected without an attempt to validate the credentials and a message is displayed. In addition to the lockout feature, the system also rejects any authentication attempts for ten minutes if it experiences ten unsuccessful password validation attempts within a ten-minute timeframe.

An account can be unlocked either by the using the Forgotten Password feature or by calling 619-297-4835.

On the Forgotten Password screen, the user will enter a phone number that has been registered for the online banking One-Time Passcode authentication feature along with their username. If the phone number and username match, the password will be sent by SMS if the phone is enabled for SMS, otherwise it will be sent by voice call.

When a user authenticates their account, they will have the option to create a new password or keep the one that was sent. To change it, users can enter a new password that meets the password criteria.

What to do if you forgot your username

If a user cannot remember the username, upon the forgotten password page, users can click on the I forgot my username link that will open the Forgot your username? dialog box where users provide the email address that is associated with their online banking account. If the email address matches what is stored in online banking, an email will be sent to that email address with the username. If the email address does not match what is in online banking, a failure message will be displayed to the user.

Browser Requirements for Online Banking

Online banking has been tested to function with the following browsers: Other modern browsers like Opera have not been tested, so users may encounter issues if using these browsers.

At this time, online banking has not been optimized for mobile and tablet devices and their browsers. Parts of the online banking experience may function within this environment, but users are highly likely to experience problems using these devices.

(1) Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 is not supported. Users will need to update to IE 8. The Internet Explorer download page will detect what version is supported by the user's operating system and will present that option for download; Windows XP users will be presented with Internet Explorer 8, and Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will be presented with Internet Explorer 9.
(2) Online banking supports the latest version of Firefox available; users of Firefox versions 3 and earlier should upgrade to the latest version.
(3) Online banking supports the latest version of Google Chrome; Chrome automatically updates itself without any user interventions, so users should always be on the latest version.

ATTENTION ALL SAFARI USERS: There is a known issue with Safari and the Online Documents platform. Clicking on the Online Documents link within online banking will result in an error message stating " is not recognized by Safari" or the page cannot load. As a temporary fix, please Control+Click on the Online Documents link Under Additional Services tab and choose 'Open in New Window'. This will allow access to the Online Documents platform in a separate browsing window. In addition, turn off Privacy Mode browsing. This mode prevents the storing of secure cookies. Updating to the latest Safari version may also solve the display issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the coding issue to remove the error message.

Determining Your Browser Version

To identify the type and browser version on your PC, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Click on  HELP.
  3. Select ABOUT (Name of Browser).

HELP will display the version of the browser you are using. Click on OK to exit.

Error Messages

Please report error messages to METRO. To show us the exact error message that you are receiving, display the error message on your screen then press ALT+Print Screen on your computer's keyboard. This will transfer the image to your clipboard. Open your Word Processor and paste the selection. You can save this file and e-mail it to for support.

When experiencing an error message, try the following steps before contacting METRO:

  1. Close the browser.
  2. Retry.
  3. Delete the Cache, Cookies, Reload, or Refresh.

After trying this and you continue to receive the error message, please contact METRO.


If you are using a screen reader or auxiliary aid and having problems using this website, please call 888-907-3628.